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Sentinel Fence is the leading supplier of aluminum fencing in North Carolina. Operating straight from Lumberton, NC, our aluminum fences are USA made, built under top-quality standards and meant to last a lifetime. 

Our vast array of fencing includes a style fit for every taste, and a price meant for every budget. 

No matter how big or small your project is, residential or commercial, Sentinel Fence provides the best in aluminum fencing.

Highest Grade Aluminum Fencing

The premium-grade material our aluminum fence panels and posts are made of – 6000 Aluminum Series – provides weatherproof strength and durability. 

Our products are coated with an environmentally-friendly electrostatic powder coating process, meaning fewer amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds are used. Said coating process is also guaranteed to meet – and exceed – requirements provided by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. 

Unlike those built with other materials, our aluminum fences are guaranteed to keep their paint, as they’re unaffected by chipping, peeling, or flaking. Neither warping or splinting. 

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty stands behind the quality of everything we produce.

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Choose from our varied styles of aluminum fencing the one that best adjusts to your commercial or residential project. 

Our aluminum fences go from 6’ to 8’ length and 3’ to 8’ in height, adjusting perfectly to your fencing needs, whichever they may be. 

Ask our customer care personnel to help you determine the pricing of your materials and the right type of aluminum fence to guard your property. We will establish your fencing needs and responsibly follow through shipment while including all fencing hardware necessary. 

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