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All of our aluminum fence panels and posts are made of premium grade aluminum material (6000 Series aluminum). This material is very strong and corrosion resistant. To ensure our aluminum fence materials are durable and weather proof, we coat our products using an environmentally friendly electrostatic powder coating process. We care about the environment and guarantee that this coating process does not emit large amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds which are common in liquid coating processes and damages the atmosphere, and this process is guaranteed to meet and exceed requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2604.

Our Super Durable coating process ensures that our durable aluminum fence products will withstand weather and time. Unlike wood fences, there is no paint on an aluminum fence that can chip, peel or flake and aluminum won't warp or splinter.


Our aluminum fence products are affordable and we have a style suitable for every project large or small, residential or commercial. Our customer care associates can help you determine the price for the materials you require.


You'll get the most value out of our aluminum fences. Our prices are competitive, so you'll save money from the start.


We never have and never will sell poorly manufactured products from overseas. Our aluminum fences are manufactured by leaders in the industry here in the United States. We offer a limited Lifetime Warranty on all our fence products; we stand behind our guarantee that our aluminum fence products will never crack, peel, flake or rust.