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Residential 3 ft. and 6ft.
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Raking of The Fence

A safe distance to use as a guide is 12” over the span of the fence. Some sections of fence may rake slightly more or less. For increased slopes a Double Punched section may be required. $10 upcharge per section for double punch. Double punch is not available for XP, Elegant Arch, Cathedral


    • Always check with your local municipality.
    • Do Not use mounting castings on any fence over 4’ high or for any gates.
    • Never use Sentinel Fence as railing. Our fence is not designed to meet railing codes.
    • You can have whatever color you you like as long as it’s Black, Bronze or White.
    • Cathedral Finials are added in the field. Residential ONLY!
    • All Finials are added in the field. Finials are priced separately.
    • When ordering 2 ½” post with commercial fence, special 1 ¼” Tek screws must be ordered. An up-charge of $4.00 per section
    • 54” Sierra and Outback “Drop Rail”. The middle & bottom rail are 45” apart, which meets, pool codes. Be sure to check with your local municipality.


Sentinel Fence will work with you as much as possible to satisfy your customer’s needs. However, additional charges may be incurred.

Always Inform Customer Service when Mounting Gates to a Brick Column Special width upgrade charge may apply.

Sentinel Fence FAQs