Are you looking for a metal fence for your home or for commercial purposes? If so, don’t settle for just any fence.

Instead, opt for an aluminum fence from Sentinel Fence & Rail. We pride ourselves on offering strong, durable, and incredibly high quality fencing options at unbeatable prices. 

Extreme Strength

All of our metal aluminum fence options are built to be as strong as possible. In fact, we use the toughest aluminum in the industry: the 6000 Aluminum Series.

Because of our high quality materials, we’re able to put a lot of faith in our fences, so much so that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on every fence we sell.


If you’re an environmentally-conscious individual or business owner, know that our aluminum metal fence options are very eco-friendly.

We use a low volatile organic compound (VOC) electrostatic powder coating process to protect your fence. Plus, aluminum itself is highly recyclable.

Incredible Durability

Metal fencing from us has another major benefit, which is its durability.

Our fences are designed to stand up to even the most frequent use and to all kinds of weather conditions. They won’t rust, nor will their paint chip or peel. You also don’t have to worry about insect infestations, rotting, or warping.

And, best of all, you get this kind of durability with little maintenance on your part! Simply clean your fence to keep it looking great. Other than that, after installation, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your fence.

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Aluminum fences really do have it all! In addition to all the qualities described here, they’re also attractive, affordable, and incredibly versatile.  

If you’re ready to explore our line of fences or wish to talk about custom fencing options, we invite you to contact us today

Before you know it, you could have the metal fence you’ve always dreamed of!