At Sentinel Fence & Rail, we pride ourselves on offering the most durable aluminum fences possible.

That’s because we use aluminum fence panels to construct our tough aluminum fences, which are sure to please in many ways. 

A Lightweight, Affordable Material

When people see our strong fence panels, they often assume that they are very heavy. After all, aluminum is quite sturdy!

However, despite its strength, this material is very lightweight, which makes it easy to work with, as well as easy and cheap to transport.

This all adds up to us being able to offer lower prices on our fences and to a great deal for our customers!

Safety and Security

An aluminum panel fence from us isn’t just strong and affordable. It’s also incredibly secure.

Our fences are difficult to climb and can be made even more so by your choice of pickets, height, and other features.

Aluminum fences are also very difficult to cut through. Thus, a thief or trespasser would have a very difficult time bypassing one of our fences, a fact that keeps you and your property safer.

A Low Maintenance Option

Finally, you’ll find that an aluminum fence is incredibly low-maintenance, no matter where you place it, what kind of conditions it faces, or how much use it gets!

With these fences, you don’t need to worry about things like rotting, warping, or bug infestations.

In fact, with our fences, all you have to do is just hose them off from time to time, which means very little work but plenty of enjoyment on your part.

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