When people say they’re looking for wholesale aluminum fencing, what they often mean is that they want a fence that’s as affordable as possible.

Luckily, here at Sentinel Fence & Rail, we’ve got you covered on the affordable front.

We keep our prices low by having our fences made right here in the United States. Thus, our customers get to enjoy quality fences at a fraction of the cost compared to other fencing companies.

Protect Your Investment

We’re proud to offer low-cost aluminum fence options, but rest assured that, despite the low price, the quality is still excellent.

In fact, we stand behind our products 100% and even offer a limited lifetime warranty on our fences that covers you and them for as long as you own your home.

Your warranty protects against any manufacturing defects and guarantees that your fence won’t chip, peel, or crack. 

Enjoy Incredible Strength

You may be wondering if our fences are strong, and the answer is definitely yes!

By nature, aluminum is a very strong material, and we take things one step further by using the most durable aluminum in the industry: the 6000 Aluminum Series.

Thus, when you buy a fence from us, you never have to worry about it standing up to weather or frequent use! Our fences can withstand just about anything.

Benefit from Beauty and Versatility

Finally, know that our fences are not one-size fits all.

We offer affordable aluminum fence options in just about every color, size, and style you can think of. We can even do custom work at your request. Plus, we have styles that are exclusive to us and greatly loved by our customers.

Our fences are as beautiful as they are strong because we believe that our clients deserve the best of both worlds.

Reach Out to Us Today

Would you like to learn more about our fences at a wholesale price?

If so, we invite you to reach out to us.

Our friendly fencing professionals are always available to answer questions, take orders, and help you find the perfect fence to meet your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!